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When Home Performance Group (HPG) upgrades, replaces or adds to your home's insulation, you will be able to realize real-world benefits.

Proven Methods in Insulation

Proper Insulation is often one of the most critical things needed to make a home more energy efficient. Completing the Home Performance upgrade to bring the home up to the standards for required insulation which helps the planet and your monthly expenses on heating and cooling costs.

The building materials used for insulation are important. HPG uses only top-quality insulation building materials:

Focus and Process

When a complex insulation project needs to be tackled, HPG will give you the project planning support needed to get your home upgraded to the level of insulation required for each space. We can install foam board in hard to reach places, and we improve the thermal boundary of your home significantly by making sure each area has the best possible insulation type for the placement in your home. For example, Rockwool is the best product for blocking around the chimney in attics when blowing insulation.  

For basement foundations and walls, we typically use foam board (Rmax or Dow high density), with this product’s excellent price-to-performance ratio. We take careful measurements and make sure you are comfortable with the project scope, cost and installation timeline. Please use the contact form to request consultation for your insulation and air sealing projects.

To schedule your home energy audit, call 302-803-1067