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Air Sealing

When Home Performance Group (HPG) performs air sealing, you can trust that you will get a quality result.

Proven Methods in Air Sealing

Our team is experienced, courteous and skilled at the art and science of Air Sealing. You will appreciate the benefits of properly controlling the amount of air leakage in your home, including lower energy bills, improved air quality and better temperature stability. We use various tools and methods to address all the common issues such as:

Focus and Process

We focus on having a complete, balanced indoor air quality strategy, with both air tightness and ventilation needs addressed. A common issue found in homes is improperly vented bath fans. Our solutions will address the need to have a home that is not too tight, with a safe number of air changes per hour (ACH). With respect to exhaust fans, we ensure your air venting, which creates negative pressure and pulls fresh air into the home, is done correctly.

Another important process during air sealing is treating the HVAC ductwork returns. Whenever an HVAC system’s air handler is pulling in air through cracks and gaps in the return ductwork, this creates inefficiency. We address this common problem by sealing the returns.

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