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Professional Home Energy Assessments

We have been providing our clients with affordable and reliable green energy solutions.

Domestic Energy Audit Benefits

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Increase Home Comfort

An aging HVAC system or water heater can be wasteful and insufficient to fulfill your household’s demands. Our audit will determine where you can make upgrades and improvements for a more comfortable home.

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Health & Safety Benefits

Various inefficiencies can affect your family’s comfort and well-being. We specialize in identifying potential hazards like faulty wiring and outdated equipment that’s near failure. These can generate sparks, cause fires and other issues.


Increase Home Resale Value

When buying new appliances or making energy-efficient upgrades, you’ll also make your home more attractive to potential buyers, potentially commanding a higher asking price if you decide to sell.

Reduce Energy Bills

The way you light, heat, cool and power your home can significantly impact your bills. By learning which areas represent opportunities to slash spending, you can save a significant amount of money over time.

Environmental impact

A home energy assessment can help you pinpoint areas for immediate and future improvement, while reducing your carbon footprint and helping you become a positive force for climate change.

About Us

Think of us as energy doctors. We go into your home and check out all the usual culprits that lead to excessive energy use (things like poor insulation, bad door sealing, bad pipes, etc.) We then create a list of suggestions for how you can decrease your monthly energy bill. If you need recommendations on contractors to implement our suggestions, we can get you connected to reputable local companies. Our goal is to save you money on your electricity bill and to help the environment by decreasing resource demand.

We offer domestic – in-state (DE) services only!

How it works

Make Appointment

Reach out to us today. We’ll determine if your house is within our Delaware service area and ask you a few quick questions to provide you an accurate quote.

Energy Inspection

Various inefficiencies will be evaluated, such as those that might result from leaky air ducts, outdated appliances and a lack of insulation and broken seals around windows and doors.


You’ll be provided with a list of recommended upgrades you can make. We will review it with you and explain what improvements will pay off the most in the long run.


Some upgrades are more straightforward than others. If you need recommendations for professional contractors to implement the more extensive suggestions on our list, you’ll be connected with reputable local companies.

How it works

Make Appointment

Reach out to us today. We’ll determine if your house is within our Delaware service area and ask you a few quick questions to determine how long the energy audit will take (typically between 90-120 minutes)

Energy Audit Inspection

During the site visit, the Energy Auditor will make all the recommendations to make your home more energy efficient; to include air or duct sealing, upgrading outdated appliances and HVAC equipment, and assessing solar options. A full written report will be provided.


The Energy Audit report will give you access to a list of qualified contractors to do the work.  After an agreement is in place with the qualified contractor, make sure your Rebate Reservation is approved before starting the work.

Step 4


This is the step where the work you have agreed to with the participating contractor is completed, whether it is with the HVAC, Solar or Home Performance Company.

Test Out Inspection

After the rebate eligible work is completed, the final step would be the test out inspection.  This shortened site visit will check the quality of installation and for any health and safety concerns. 

Let's Plan Your Improvements!

If you’re ready to get the most out of your home, and help the planet in the process, let’s start the conversation!

Reach out using the form featured here. We promise not to sell or distribute your personal information, only sharing it with professionals who’s opinions we might need in your audit process.

Your introductory call is free and no commitment is made by filling out this form.

We offer domestic in-state (DE) services only.

The Process

Step 1 – Tell Us About Your Home

We’ll need some basic information about your home such as age, square footage, location, heating / cooling system, etc. When we visit we’ll be able to do a deeper dive but this let’s us know what we might be encountering. It’ll also help us provide a cost quote for your consultation. Using this information we can determine the best scope of analysis for you, focusing on things such as home resale, month-to-month efficiency, and safety.

Step 2 – Schedule Your Visit

Based on an introductory call we can make sure that your home fits inside of our scope of service and geographical service area. We can also prepare the appropriate tools and inspection protocols. We’ll arrange a mutually agreeable time where we can gain full access to your home. During our inspection we’ll check for some or all of the following things:
  • Exterior building components
  • Attic and insulation
  • Furnace and water heater
  • “Duct Blaster” duct efficiency test
  • Blower door test for windows and doors
  • Lighting and electrical

Step 3 – Review Your Report Checklist With Us

Based on our findings we will put together an efficiency plan for you. We’ll explain each item and the best course of action to make corrections. Some improvements may be simple and something you can tackle yourself. Other changes may be dangerous or expensive to do on your own and would best be left in the hands of the professionals. We can provide details on which improvements would give you the most bang for your buck and optimize toward your preferred outcome (home sale, home efficiency, etc.)

Step 4 – Coordinate With Skilled Contractors

Depending on the needs of your home we can connect you to highly skilled and reputable contractors in your area. These are companies that understand the energy audit process and can quickly grasp the scope of work needed, saving you time and money. We promise to only recommend services that we think will elicit results, so you can trust our process and reputation.